The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia also known as RUDN University, is an educational and research institution located in Moscow. It was established in 1960 to provide higher education and is known as a multinational and multi-profiled university.

Academic and residential buildings are spread in an area of 50 hectares close to the forest plantation zone and include stadiums, gyms, arenas, tennis courts and a ski center creating favorable conditions for sport activities all year round. With a student strength of 22500, it is the first university in Russia to get 5 QS stars.

RUDN leads among Russian universities in the number of English-taught master’s programmes and covers all subjects including Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, Natural Sciences, Economics and even foreign languages.

In the year 2019, SIIB started a semester exchange program with RUDN university, Russia. Selected students would spend one semester approximately form March to July in RUDN University, Russia. The study involves a mixture of knowledge-based learning through classroom sessions and skills-based learning through projects and group assignments.

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