MBA – International Business

Teaching & Learning Resources

As per candidate’s choice following add on certifications can be taken up by students

Bloomberg Online Certifications:

The Bloomberg Online Certifications include specific modules related to Bloomberg Market Concepts,(BMC): , Bloomberg Champions Program(BCP). The market concept module is an eight-hour self-paced e-learning course that provides an introduction to the financial markets with over seventy Bloomberg functions, and maximizes use of the Bloomberg Professional® Service.The Bloomberg Champions program module (BCP) is an annual offsite internship program that inducts nominated students from each institution. Over the course of the year, these students are trained to master terminal functionality to help their institution make the fullest of their relationship with Bloomberg. These students are also interviewed for possible roles in Bloomberg based on their performance on predetermined metrics.

ICICI Learning Matrix:

SIIB has partnered with ICICI Bank with an objective of creating a talent pool for the industry by offering students’ knowledge and required skills through an online web based platform. The e-learning modules use instructional design techniques to engage the learner and assist in self-learning. Each module leads to an online assessment and certification. The modules broadly cover the following topics:

  • General Banking
  • Compliance in Banking
  • Functional skills
  • Banking Products & Services
  • Behavioral skills

Though the overall e-learning modules provides over 500 hours of learning content, students may select and access any of the e-learning modules, as per his / her requirement / area of interest. The students benefit in the form of increased employability, hands-on feeling of technology and applications used in the industry and thus increased confidence to execute jobs in his/her workplace right from day one.

Participation Certificates:

The Institute also facilitates SAP Participation certificates from SAP University Alliance Program for ERP-BPI course. Students get hands on in class implementation scenario of three modules viz Financial Accounting, Materials Management and Sales & Distribution and their integration. As a result of completion of this course all the students get a participation certificate from SAP UAP.