Faculty Profile @ SIIB

  • Dr. Asmita Chitnis, SIIB Director

    Dr. Asmita Chitnis

    Director & Professor

    MSc, PhD

  • Dr. Prakash Rao

    Dr. Prakash Rao

    Professor - Head -
    Dept of Energy and Environment

    MSc, PhD

  • Dr. Sandip Solanki

    Dr. Sandip Solanki

    Associate Professor - Head -
    Dept of International Business.

    M.A. PhD

  • Dr. Krishna Murthy Inumula

    Dr. Krishna Murthy Inumula

    Associate Professor

    MSc, PhD, CIPM, NET

  • Dr. Dharmesh Mishra

    Dr. Dharmesh K. Mishra

    Associate Professor

    MBA, PhD, UGC- NET

  • Viraja Bhat

    Dr. Viraja Bhat

    Associate Professor - Head -
    Dept of Information Technology

    B.E, M.B.S, PhD

  • Dr. Nisha Bharti

    Dr. Nisha Bharti

    Assistant Professor - Head -
    Dept of Agribusiness.

    MSc, Fellow (IRMA).

  • Mr. Dipen Paul

    Mr. Dipen Paul

    Assistant Professor

    PhD Pursuing (Energy),MTech (Energy),BE (Chemical),Diploma (Chemical)

  • Dr. Ravi Sharma

    Dr. Ravi Sharma

    Assistant Professor

    MSc, PhD, UGC (JRF) NET

  • Dr. CA Madhura Ranade

    Dr. CA Madhura Ranade

    Assistant Professor


  • Dr. Neha Patvardhan

    Dr.Neha Patvardhan

    Assistant Professor

    PhD., MMS Finance, Web Accessibility Consultant (WCAG), NET, B. Pharm.

  • Dr. Jeevan Jayant Nagarkar

    Dr. Jeevan Jayant Nagarkar

    Assistant Professor - Head -
    Dept of Finance

    MA, PGDBM, MBS, M. Phil PhD, MDHEA

  • Dr. Suchita Jha

    Dr.Suchita Jha

    Assistant Professor

    MBA, PhD

  • Mr. Sushant Malik

    Mr.Sushant Malik

    Assistant Professor.

    BA (Hons) Economics, M.Sc. Agribusiness Economics, NET (Economics), PhD Economics (Pursuing).

  • Dr. Vandana Mehta

    Dr. Vandana Mehta

    Assistant Professor


  • Dr. Rahul Priyadarshi

    Dr. Rahul Priyadarshi

    Assistant Professor - Operations and Supply Chain Management

    B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) M.E. (Mechanical - Production & Industrial Engineering) PhD - Post-Harvest Supply Chain Design

  • Dr. Chetan Prabhu

    Dr. Chetan Prabhu

    Adjunct Faculty

    BE, MMS ,PhD

  • Rishi Kappal

    Rishi Kappal

    Adjunct Faculty -Faculty of Management

    Stanford LEAD, MBA, PGPM, LLB, B.E.