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Skill Development Workshops

Sr. No Category of the Workshops Name of Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development
  1. Skill Set required for Consulting role
  2. Art of Sales Negotiation
  3. SFintech Future
  4. CV Building & LinkedIn Profile
  5. India: Trends in ESG Practices and Transparency
  6. Role of AI -IOT-Block chain in Supply Chain Management
  7. Our Health, Our Plants
  8. Value Stream Mapping
  9. Global recent advancement in EV Industry
  10. Skills required to pursue a career in the Agri-Input Industry
  11. Valuation
  12. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  13. How to Make a Top Career in Equities/ Derivatives Brokerages & New Age Trading App Companies ladder
  14. Building Relationship and Professional Network
  15. The impact of microfinance on social capital and community development
  16. Business Line Manager
(Skill Development 2022-23)
2 Research Methodology
  1. Advance Excel
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
(Research Methodology 2022-23)
Sr. No Category of the Workshops Name of Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development
  1. Emerging Paradigms of CSR in India and Overall effect of CSR on the brand equity of a business,
  2. How to Crack Consulting Job Interviews
  3. Skills of the Future that MBA’s need to build NOW
  4. Negotiation, Persuasion and Conflict Management
  5. Opportunities in Livestock Sector
  6. Unconscious Bias / Ally ship
  7. Opportunities in the Banking Sector
  8. Sustainable Communication and its significance to Corporate Reputation
  9. Change Management
  10. All About Swaps
  11. Is Circular Economy more than just waste management?
  12. Product Management
  13. Sustainable personal growth through the corporate ladder
  14. Do’s and Don’ts of B plan Competition
  15. Digital Transformation of Indian Seed Business
  16. Food supply chain eco system – challenges in post COVID world
  17. Deconstructing ESG/ ESG Ecosystem – What, Why, Who, How
  18. Leveraging soft skills to climb the corporate ladder
  19. Conquer Content Marketing – Concepts, Trends, Tenets
  20. The Future of Electric Mobility and is India ready for the EV Revolution
  21. Sustainability at JSW and the Steel Industry
  22. Skills that organizations look for among the students
  23. Synergizing the innovation of Sustainability with the practicality of Circularity
  24. The Role of CSR communication in Marketing Strategy
  25. Changing Landscape of AgriTech Space
  26. Energy Audit and Energy Management
  27. LEED Approach Towards Sustainability and Opportunities
  28. Digitization as a Disruptor in Business Ecosystem
  29. Being one with the Consumer
  30. Role and Future of Big data in Agribusiness
  31. Agri Input Sector Perspective
  32. Personal Branding
  33. Introduction to ESG
(Skill Development 2021-22)
  1. Trends in the Food Industry
  2.  Crop Protection and Sustainability : Shifting Paradigms
(IPR 2021-22)
3 Research Methodology
  1. Good to Great Research
  2. Advance Excel
  3. Financial Statement Analysis
  4. Importance of Data Analytics in Strategic HR decisions
(Research Methodology 2021-22)