Anusmruti 2024

SIIB Auditorium | January 06, 2024 | 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Batch 2023-25 | Participants – 200+

Alumni Batch of 1993-94, 2002-04 and 2012-14.

The Annual Alumni Meet, “Anusmruti,” organized by the SIIB Alumni Relations Team on January 6, 2024, emerged as a joyous gathering that not only cultivated an atmosphere of delight but also rekindled a profound sense of happiness and nostalgia among the esteemed attendees.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Rajani Gupte, Advisor at SIU, along with the attendance of several faculty members, and made it a truly memorable occasion. This edition of Anusmruti featured three host batches: 1993-94, 2002-04, and 2012-14. A captivating element of the evening was a meticulously crafted video presentation, offering a glimpse into the institute’s evolution since its inception, earning admiration from alums and the audience.

The proceedings commenced with a ceremonial lamp-lighting, dignified by the participation of Dr. Rajani Gupte, Advisor at SIU; Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB; Dr. Prakash Rao, Deputy Director, SIIB and representatives from each host batch. Dr. Chitnis extended a heartfelt welcome to the alums, expressing heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support throughout the years.

The audience had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Rajani Gupte, who shared her experiences with SIIB over the years, adding a valuable perspective to the event. The felicitation of host and guest batches followed, with tokens of gratitude presented by Dr. Rajni Gupte, the Director and Deputy Director.

The cultural extravaganza unfolded, featuring mesmerizing performances by the talented Kshitij kids, the official band of SIIB, Richman & Co, and the dynamic dance club, iBeats. These performances electrified the stage and captivated the audience, providing a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Dr. Dharmesh Mishra, Faculty of HR, SIIB, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, gracefully concluded the event.

The festivities culminated with a symbolic cake-cutting ceremony held at the amphitheatre. As the day concluded, the exchange of heartfelt goodbyes revealed wistful smiles and nostalgic eyes, serving as a testament to the enduring bonds shared with their Alma Mater. The echoes of Anusmruti’24 will resonate in all attendees’ hearts for years to come.

Key Takeaways:

“The event provided a platform to celebrate our college’s growth and the collective memories that define our time at SIIB.”

– Sanchita Bansal, MBA-IB (23-25)

“Shared moments during Anusmruti ’24 invoked a feeling of unity, fostering nostalgia for the ongoing bonds we’re building in our present academic journey.”

– Siddharth Bhargava, MBA-AB (23-25)

“The event seamlessly blended the past and present, creating a unique nostalgia that made us feel connected to both the history and the unfolding experiences in our current academic chapter.”

– Sanya Pareek, MBA-EE (23-25)