Bangalore Imprints 2023

Event: SIIB Annual Alumni Meet – Imprints 2023 (Bengaluru)

Venue: JW Courtyard Marriott, Bellandur, Bengaluru

Date: 23rd September 2022

“From echoes of the past to triumphs of today, an Alumni reunion where shared stories fuel limitless possibilities”

Imprints stand as a unique opportunity when our alumni come together to reflect on their campus days, revive precious memories, and commemorate the lasting bond with their alma mater.

The Alumni Relations Team of Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) hosted the final episode of the alumni meet, Imprints 2023, in Bengaluru at the elegant JW Courtyard Marriott, Bellandur, Bengaluru, on September 23rd, 2023. This event witnessed the presence of alumni spanning all 31 Batches, from the 1992-93 graduates to the most recent 2021-23 Batch.

The proceedings kicked off at 7:50 PM with an inaugural address, complemented by a brief video presentation. This video showcased a wide range of events held at SIIB throughout the past year, which included online webinars, in-person lectures, and the GE-PI process. The video emphasized the significant role our esteemed alumni played in these events, highlighting their profound influence on the institution.

Dr. Asmita Chitnis, addressed the gathered alumni. With a warm and heartfelt welcome, she acknowledged the invaluable and continuous contributions of alumni towards the growth and development of the institution. She also emphasized the enduring support that alumni provide to current students, which has been instrumental in the success and growth of SIIB. She conveyed her hopefulness for continuing this enduring relationship into the future, expressing her desire that alumni would stay engaged and play an active role in furthering the institution’s growth and development in the years ahead, as they have in the past.

Following Dr. Chitnis’s address, the floor was opened for “Alumni Speak.” During this session, many alumni enthusiastically stepped forward to share their personal and professional experiences, shedding light on their journey through college life and their subsequent careers in the corporate world. These insightful narratives served as both inspiration and guidance for the current students and younger alumni in attendance.

As the evening progressed, the event concluded graciously, with alumni expressing their gratitude and joy for being part of such a grand and memorable gathering. The event created a profound sense of unity, nostalgia, and a reaffirmation of alumni’s strong bonds with SIIB and each other. This left an enduring mark, rendering Imprints 2023 in Bengaluru a genuinely exceptional and remarkable occasion. We expressed our gratitude to all the alumni for sparing their valuable time and gracing the event. We look forward to hosting them again next year.


Alumni Group Photo with Director Dr. Asmita Chitnis at Bengaluru Imprints 2023

Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director addressing the gathering