Battle of the Stars (BOTS) at SIIB

SIIB Campus | 9th June, 2022 onwards (1 week) | Batch 2022-24 | Participants – 240+ (12 groups)

Battle of the Stars (BOTS), the brainchild of SIIB alum, Mr. Amit Aggarwal, Global Marketing Head – Huhtamaki is conducted as an annual event and part of the Orientation process designed to test multiple skillsets in students which are much desired in the corporate and as part of one’s lifeskills.  This battle comprises games and tasks meant to develop team-building skills, test logic, common sense, strategic mindset, spontaneity and cultural prowess in students. 

Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director-SIIB and Mr. Amit Aggarwal inaugurated the event on 9th June with its official kick-off on 13th June 2022.  The participants were divided into 12 groups and assigned 12 Zodiac Signs which are universal. 

Day 1: Started with Logo Wars. Every team was supposed to come with a quirky Team Name based on the Zodiac assigned to them, a ‘’Logo’’, a “War Cry”, and a reason about why their respective team deserved to win. The thought process that went into each name and logo exhibited magnificent creativity.

Logo Wars was followed by “QUIZZit”. All the individuals participated through the Kahoot App. It was an electrifying and nail-biting event. Getting the answers correct was not enough because it was also a test of speed, which tested the knowledge of every student. The questions were creative and gave the students insights and tidbits about various topics linked to movies and business.

Day 2: Started with “Mad Ads”. All the teams were given funny and quirky products from ‘Balding Hair Oil’ to ‘See-through Clothes’ each. It was a unique marketing challenge. The students took it in great stride and pitched every product with great conviction, no matter how unrealistic products were given to everyone.

The day ended with “Escape Room”. Downloaded from the Play store was a virtual Escape Room where the students had to look for clues to reach the following levels. It was a team game, where all the 20 minds worked collectively to reach the destination. The experience was enthralling for the students as they passed through each room looking for the hidden clues, and every team beamed with joy when they could resolve the mysteries and reach the desired destination.

Day 3: The students were given a break to hone everyone’s muscles and brain for the upcoming Strategy presentation.

Day 4: Enter “Stratosphere”, the strategy presentation. The teams had to do the role-play of consulting firms and were expected to recommend a few strategies for SIIB to help them rise to Rank 1 of ‘Business Today’ and ‘The Week’. The strategist in everyone had been awakened on this day.

Day 5: Started with “Goose Chase”, where each team were given a list of tasks from the ‘Jugnu Challenge’ to the ‘Looney Tunes Challenge’.  All the students had a fun and joyous afternoon by performing various creative tasks.

The day ended with “WWL”, where teams needed to decode various web links using hints provided on custom websites.

Day 6: The epic culmination in the form of “SIIB Got Talent”, where all the teams had to showcase their best talents — both as Individuals and Groups. The day saw phenomenal performances in the form of singing, dance, drama and much more.

The Jury included eminent personalities like Dr. Meenu Chawla, Madhura Akkalkotkar and Madhuri Bogawat.

The last event was ‘Theme of BOTS’, where teams had to present a short video to commemorate their hard work and team bonding throughout the entire competition. The audience witnessed glimpses of behind-the-scenes, which added an emotional touch through various social media handles.

BOTS 2022 ended with the Captivating Capricorns emerging as the winner, followed by the Perennial Pisces and the LeoNeocons as the joint runners-up.

On the whole, BOTS 2022 was a breath of fresh air for the students after two years of those tedious and mundane online classes. It was successful in bringing Innovation and Fun together under one platform. It also allowed the students to get to know each other, make new friends and form inseparable bonds. The Epic Event not only acquainted the students with each other by breaking the Ice but also left them with memorable moments and learnings, with a hope that the legacy continues.


Mad Ads challenge
SIIBs’ Got Talent
Winner of the BOTS 2022