Battle of the Stars (BOTS) for Batch 2023-25

SIIB Campus

Date of Event: 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th,15th & 17th June 2023

Batch: 2023-25

Number of Participants: 250+ (12 groups)

Battle of the Stars (BOTS) is a highly appreciated event organized by Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune to provide a platform for participants to test and enhance their communication, logic, teamwork, strategy, and execution skills. Under the guidance of Mr. Amit Aggarwal, the event for the incoming batch of 2023-2025 commenced on June 7, 2023. Mr. Aggarwal is an esteemed alumnus and a founder of Webshorts Casting and Corporate Trainer. It is a tournament played across 12 different teams based on the 12 zodiac signs, with the incoming Batch 2023-25. The primary objective of this event is to foster the development of managerial skills and create a competitive environment to encourage participants to strive for excellence. BOTS 2023 aims to provide an engaging platform for students to showcase their skills in various areas such as Execution, Logic, Communication, Strategy, and Teamwork. This tournament has gained significant popularity over the past three years during the Orientation Program and is now a highly anticipated event at SIIB.

Day 1 commenced with the Logo Wars challenge, where each team enthusiastically embraced the task of designing a logo, creating a war cry, and justifying why they deserved to win. The teams showcased their collaborative brilliance, resulting in an impressive display of creativity and teamwork. This was followed by WWL, a puzzle-solving activity that required participants to unlock mysteries using their problem-solving abilities.

Day 2 provided participants with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and think outside the box, exploring innovative solutions and approaches.

Day 3 began with the Mad-Ads event, where each clan was assigned a unique product, ranging from a blank newspaper to a car without an engine. Participants brought their distinctiveness and perspectives to the forefront, presenting their ideas with unwavering conviction. Ms Madhuri Bogawat,Founder – Director of CrimsonCobalt Digital, and Mr Abhinav Sood,,Business Strategy Manager for SRV Media, graced the Mad-Ads event as esteemed judges. Following that, participants were put to the test in the Quizzit challenge, where their general knowledge was scrutinized, requiring rapid thinking, sharp decision-making, and intellectual acumen. The third day concluded with the Escape Room, a meticulously designed virtual game that promoted effective communication and collaboration. Participants were locked in a room, and the collective minds of 20 people worked together to solve mysteries.

Day 4 provided a well-deserved day off, allowing participants to explore the wonders of the Stratosphere and recharge for the remaining events.

Day 5 commenced with the thought-provoking Stratosphere event, where participants engaged in creative discussions to solve a challenging business problem. Valuable insights were presented, generating actionable solutions. The day concluded with Goose Chase, a series of tasks assigned to each clan, ranging from the straight-arm water challenge to the Looney Tunes challenge.

Day 6 the final day, provided participants with an opportunity to showcase their exceptional talent in SIIB Got Talent. The day was filled with awe-inspiring performances that left a lasting impression. Eminent personalities such as Dr Meenu Chawla, Actor and Model ; Ms Madhura Akkalkotkar,CA at UBS Group and Mr Amit Aggarwal,founder of Webshorts Casting & Corporate Trainer formed the esteemed jury for the event.

The culminating event, the Theme of BOTS, provided an extraordinary platform to create a captivating short video that celebrated the achievements of the participants, showcased behind-the-scenes footage, and highlighted the emotional connection that the team developed over time.

The overall experience of BOTS not only celebrated the accomplishments of all the clans but also fostered a deep sense of connection among the students. It was undoubtedly a memorable and inspiring journey, leaving participants with lifelong memories and a shared hope for a lasting legacy.

6. Key learnings/takeaways:

“Throughout BOTS, we faced a series of diverse challenges and activities that required effective time management and adaptability. From the fast-paced nature of puzzle-solving to the pressure of delivering performances and completing tasks within given deadlines, we honed our ability to manage time efficiently and adapt to different situations.”

– Himangi Joshi (MBA- IB), Batch 2023-25

“BOTS encouraged us to think outside the box and tap into our creativity. From designing logos and justifying our ideas to solving puzzles and addressing business problems, the event pushed us to explore innovative solutions.”

– Siddharth Bhargav (MBA- AB), Batch 2023-25

“BOTS emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving success. Working within our designated clans, we learned how to leverage the diverse skills and perspectives of team members to overcome challenges and accomplish goals.”

– Sania Pareek (MBA- EnE), Batch 2023-25

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