SIIB Auditorium| February 02, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Batch 2023-25 | Participants – 250+

Panelists’ Name and Designation:-
Ms. Disha Shah,Founder and CEO, Gofig,
Mr. Akshay Jain, Co-founder and Director, EnergyBae
Ms. Slony Gambhir, Founder, Very Much Indian
Moderator- Ms. Ketki Deshpande, Certified entrepreneurship and start-up mentor, Wadhwani Foundation
& Start Up Consultant at Corporate Sports Connect Mumbai

The Entrepreneurship Cell at SIIB hosted its annual flagship event- The 10 th edition of Bizooka, the Annual Business Plan competition on February 2, 2024. The event comprised Business Pitches from Top B-School students across India, followed by Panel discussion. The event aimed to delve into crucial discussions surrounding the theme of “Green Venture: Feasibility in Sustainability.” The event commenced with an impactful theme introductory video, setting the stage for discussions on the new age startups and their importance and practicality of sustainability in times of today. The visual presentation engaged the audience and created anticipation for the insightful conversations.In a radiant ceremony, esteemed dignitaries, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB and Dr. Prakash Rao, Dy. Director, SIIB, collectively illuminated the inaugural lamp at this milestone edition. Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB, then addressed the gathering, delivering a keynote speech about the event and setting the stage for further proceedings to commence. Hereafter, the top 4 teams delivered their business ideas to the jury. These teams were short-listed through prior rounds that were conducted online and only the best Business plans were called for the final day. Students from JBIMS Mumbai, SIMSREE Mumbai, IMI Delhi, and TAPMI Manipal were the top 4 national finalists. Out of them, the top 2 teams were crowned Winner and 1 st Runner up. After the business Pitch, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB, felicitated our esteemed guests and set the stage for the insightful panel discussion.The panelists delivered a riveting panel discussion. The moderator, Ms. Ketki Deshpande, Start Up Consultant at Corporate Sports Connect Mumbai, took charge of the proceedings. She skillfully guided the discussions throughout, ensuring a seamless flow of ideas and insights. The focus of the panel discussion was on “how to make businesses sustainable.” Panellists delved into the implications, challenges, risks, and opportunities of starting a new venture and integrating sustainable practices. Ms. Disha Shah emphasized the need for sustainable business in the current era and expressed how Gofig is stepping into that sustainable zone. Mr. Akshay Jain continued the session by explaining the steps to build a successful sustainable business and how EnergyBae is providing sustainable solutions to the world. Ms. Slony Gambhir gave her insights about how to simplify the word ‘Sustainability’ into new age ventures.

As the panel discussions concluded, the floor opened to an engaging question-and-answer session, allowing the audience to participate actively. Attendees seized the opportunity to pose insightful questions to the panellists, sparking dynamic conversations on the nuances around the event theme.

All the Panellists were then accompanied by Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB; Dr. Prakash Rao, Dy Director, SIIB; and Dr. Suchita Jha, HOD- Marketing Department and Mentor of the Entrepreneurship Cell, SIIB; collectively inaugurated the annual Entrepreneurship Cell newsletter- ‘ANTHAHPRERNA.’ Finally, the results were announced. The winning title was awarded to the students of SIMSREE Mumbai for their idea on recycling printer cartridges, while the second position was secured by JBIMS Mumbai for their idea on the use of AI in agriculture. In closing remarks, Dr. Suchita Jha, HOD- Marketing Department and Mentor of the Entrepreneurship Cell, SIIB, expressed gratitude to the participants, guests and speakers for their contributions to BIZOOKA’24.

Key Takeaways:

“A key thing we took away from the event was how to make sustainable ideas actually work in business. During the event, we heard some really innovative business pitches about making things eco-friendlier. They showed us that it’s not just about being green, but also about making money while doing good for the planet and society.”

– Atharv Aundhekar – MBA-IB (23-25)

“Bizooka 10.0 was an insightful and invigorating session on sustainability practices in the current corporate climate. Watching the participants deliver their pitches during the competition was an experience like no other, making the event memorable in ways more than one. There was a lot to learn and unlearn, and a lot more to think about. The event left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.”

– Chandamita Bora – MBA-IB (23-25)

“Definition of business has evolved in the contemporary context. Money isn’t the only intention of doing or starting a business, now the scope has gotten deeper and wider in the realms of giving back to society.”

– Sumit Kamble – MBA-IB (22-24)