Date of Conduct: 21st October 2021

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:40 PM

Speakers’ Names and Designations


Mr. Amit Kumar Das, Sr. Director-People and Organization, Novo Nordisk India

Mr. Venkatesalu P, Chief Executive Officer, Trent

Mr. Bhooshan Thakar, Sr. Director, Engineering, Veritas


Dr. Prakash Rao, Dy. Director, SIIB

No. of Students present: 350+ 


The session started with Dr. Prakash Rao enlightening us about the future of work from home, and its dynamic is changing rapidly. He mentioned that what was once was a distant vision in the past is now a reality. Although, in the wake of the current situation, he expressed the uncertainty of whether or not this work-from-home dynamic will continue to function. Dr. Rao enumerated the pandemic’s effect and if it accelerates or decelerates the future of work. Dr. Rao then provided a brief introduction of the panel members, followed by the initiation of the discussion by the esteemed panellists.

Mr. Amit Das initiated the discussion with his views on the positive and negative effects of the pandemic. Mr. Amit fueled the conversation with how organisations are looking for novel ways to connect and reiterated that we are moving towards a new better rather than a new normal. The way we associate today, the technological advancements, better healthcare are all factors nudging us towards a new better. He emphasised the new generation of workers has a new set of tasks and challenges with this new better. Mr. Amit compared our adaptation to the pandemic to the rigid oak tree, where however harsh the winds may be, the Oaktree remains firm in its resolve and does not give in to challenges.

Mr. Venkatesalu P contributed to the session with his thoughts on how the pandemic created as many opportunities as it created problems. He touched upon the change in people’s nature, namely their buying behaviours and their aspirations. Dr. Venkatesalu also enlightened the audience about Revenge Tourism and its effects on the psychology of people.

Mr. Bhooshan Thakar was next in line, starting with an informative briefing about the philosophical aspects of the pandemic and its effect on the people. Mr. Bhooshan told the students of the importance of Upscaling and Incremental learning and how to ‘apply for tomorrow’. Quoting the words, ‘Need is the mother of Invention’, he talked about how change is not to be resisted but embraced.

Carrying forward the discussion, Dr. Rao recalled a similar pandemic-like situation in the ’90s, where the ‘IT Boom’ occurred, and there was unrest among the workers. He mentioned that the jobs were not replaced but displaced and expects a similar situation to follow post the pandemic.

A very enlightening discussion followed, with all the panellists providing valuable views and insights from their respective areas of interest.

Student Feedback

“The session conducted on the topic “Future of work: Shaping the New Normal” by Mr. Amit Kumar Das, Mr. Venkatesalu P, and Mr. Bhooshan Thakar was informative. They perfectly pointed out the nuances of the future hybrid work culture irrespective of the sector and why we need to embrace the new normal.” – Sourashis Biswas (SIIB, IB 2021-23)

Overall Feedback

The discussion was very informative and enlightening – the students succeeded in getting an informed look at the future and understanding what work and life, in general, might look like post the pandemic.