Date of Conduct: 22nd October 2021

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:10 PM

Speakers’ Names and Designations


Mr. Venkatram Vasantavada, Managing Director, SeedWorks

Mr. Priyank Bhardwaj, Director, PwC

Mr. Vishal Ratan, Associate Director, New Technology & Innovation, PepsiCo


Dr. Nisha Bharti, Assistant Professor, SIIB

No. of Students present: 500+


The session started with an impactful video on the theme ‘Innovation in Agri Sector’, showcasing the changing trends in the farming sector. Dr. Nisha Bharti, the moderator for the session, took the discussion forward by introducing the topic to the panel. 

Mr. Venkatram Vasantavada initiated the discussion by sharing his views on why modern agriculture requires innovations. Highlighting the challenges, he suggested the need to transform current agricultural practices into value-added ones. There is a need to change the system’s infrastructure to increase the efficiency of the whole process. He emphasised productivity, the labour force should move to a higher hierarchy, and similarly, the future of work will move towards the demand side. He mentioned that during covid, the industry was privileged to get a green corridor, and farmers were enabled with cash. He emphasised being digital is vital for an organisation and impact the future market of that particular organisation. He stated that empowerment, trust, and empathy are the core values while dealing with the Covid situation.

Mr. Priyank Bhardwaj contributed to the session with his thoughts on how upskilling is essential when we see the future of work. His equation comes out to be Upskilling + Reskilling = Ready for the future of work. He addressed that the working population in today’s world is going technology-driven, and resources are scarce. The future of work has three pillars: reimaging the workspace, accelerating digital transformation, and increased employee engagement. He further explained how organisations came up with comprehensive plans to protect their employee and organisational productivity. He concluded by throwing some light on teaching, and learning is also a part of evolving, and hence, people improve their decision-making skills and make themselves career ready.

Mr. Vishal Ratan was next in line, starting with a strong statement that sustainability is the core of our lifeline, and it is no more a luxury and more inclined towards needs. Mr. Vishal told the students that many upcoming technologies and technology interventions are needed when an organisation plans to have a 360-degree approach. Carrying forward the discussion, he explained how technology could give us agile solutions, but people should be kept in the centre of it.

He concluded his statement by saying, adoption of the technology is a fundamental approach, but the implementation depends upon today’s students of B-School. 

Student Feedback:

“It was a pleasure to hear all delegates talk about the future in terms of food sustainability. The way every guest threw light on the need for innovation and technology in the agri-sector was genuinely enriching. We got to know what kinds of trends will prevail in the future and how we need to mould ourselves for a better future.” – Shruti Bhosale, MBA in Agribusiness, Batch 2021-2023.

Overall Feedback

The discussion was very informative and enlightening – the students succeeded in getting an informed look at the future and understanding what work and life in agriculture might look like post the pandemic and how technology will be an essential part of the future of work only factor.