ENECON – 2022

SIIB Auditorium | December 2, 2022 | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM |

Batch 2021-23, Batch 2022-24, Faculty and Staff | Participants – 400+

ENECON is the annual flagship event of the Department of Energy and Environment at SIIB, Pune. This event has been initiated in the year of 2015. Since its inception, it has been honored by well-known individuals from diverse fields and also witnessed participation from all over India. This event is not only known for providing a platform for academicians and industry experts to collaborate but also for encouraging discussions with respect to the challenges and best practices adopted by several industries.

This year the ENECON has been conducted on December 2nd, 2022 on the theme of “Emergence of ESG: Expanding the Possibilities”. The event was graced by eminent personalities from numerous backgrounds. The event began with an introductory video on the theme of “Emergence of ESG: Expanding the Possibilities”– Going further, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, the Director, SIIB, felicitated the guests and launched the annual newsletter of the Department of Energy and Environment “EQUILIBRIA”. Following it, Dr. Prakash Rao, the Deputy Director, SIIB, delivered a welcome note to the audience and highlighted the importance of growth in the energy sector. He also emphasized the need for stainable development in various domains of life. He further accentuated the emerging trends in the environment sector and natural resources and raised his concern over the depletion of these resources. Dr. Prakash Rao concluded his thoughts by introducing the moderator for the session, Dr. Arvind Bodhankar, who is an Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer at Dalmia Bharat Limited. Dr. Bodhankar revealed the ways of attaining sustainability by creating value for stakeholders, which will eventually mitigate the physical and transitional risks. Further, he stressed the importance of climate action group CA100 and the consequential impact of ESG ignorance on society.

This inaugural session was followed by a round of panel discussions on the key theme of the event “Emergence of ESG: Expanding the Possibilities”. Along with Dr. Arvind Bodhankar, the session was graced by three panellists, Mr. Prabodha Acharya, the Chief Sustainability Officer, JSW Group, Mr. Shekhar Kashalikar, the Chief Executive Officer, Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions Private Limited, and Mr. Vinod Kulkarni, the Head of CSR at the leading Indian Automotive Company, TATA Motors.

Mr. Prabodha Acharya commenced the session and opened the house for discussion on the environmental parameter of ESG. He spoke about maintaining a healthy bottom line by linking sustainability with finance and the need for emission reduction across every sector by means of investments and commitments in a significant manner. Following that, Mr. Vinod Kulkarni elaborated the social parameters of ESG and the importance and contribution of CSR initiatives in building of the nation with the help of various programs such as Financial Aid Programs. The discussion was continued by Mr. Shekhar Kashalikar, who spoke about the governance aspect of ESG and also enlightened the addressees with various concepts such as the importance of audit committees, diversity in the workplace, and the necessity of separate committees with regard to sustainability. This informative and insightful panel discussion ended with full enthusiasm and the panellists answered all the inquisitive questions from the audience. Lastly, the session was concluded with a vote of appreciation delivered by Dr. Ravi Sharma, Department of Energy and Environment, to each of the panellist, faculty members, staff, and students.

Key takeaways:

“It was a great chance to learn about our world and the effects of our decisions on it. Understanding the technological aspect of the topic was equally instructive. It offered a comprehensive review of energy and environmental challenges, even from a corporate perspective.”

– Ronak Lalchandani, MBA-IB (22-24)

“It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the current state of our educational system. The future of the young generation and the nation can be improved thanks to the insights we gained. A panel discussion on the qualities needed to stand out from the crowd and the talent managers currently seek was also covered. The entire experience was wonderful.”

– Gaurang Singh Rathore, MBA-AB (22-24)

“It was a wonderful experience as it broadened our horizon and understanding of how ESG frameworks are being adopted by different industries and their significance in the economic growth of an organization. It gave us an overall perspective on the energy transition towards sustainable sources by different industries, and they’re mutually committed to decarbonizing their value chain.”

 – Tomas Tuhin Kashyap, MBA-E&E (22-24)


Few glimpses of the ENECON-2022.
Few glimpses of the ENECON-2022
Few glimpses of the ENECON-2022
Few glimpses of the ENECON-2022