“Har Ghar Tiranga and Remembrance Day for Partition Horrors”

SIIB Campus | 14th August 2023 | Time- 11:45AM-12:30 PM | 

Participants – 70+

Attendees: Batch 2023-2025, 2022-2024, Faculty, staff and students

On August 14th, a series of significant events were conducted at SIIB, fostering a sense of unity, remembrance, and national pride. The day commenced with a flag-hoisting ceremony that exemplified the collective spirit of students, faculty, and staff. Coming together to raise the flag and sing the national anthem highlighted the institution’s commitment to celebrating the nation’s identity and unity. The flag-hoisting ceremony served as a symbolic reminder of the country’s rich history and the values it stands for.

Furthermore, to commemorate “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day”, an enlightening exhibition was organized. This event aimed to engage everyone in acknowledging the historical significance of the partition and its impact on the nation. Also, by participating in the exhibition, the SIIB community displayed solidarity in understanding the shared history and lessons that shape the present.

Thereafter a thought-provoking video was presented on “Har Ghar Tiranga” showcasing the journey our country has taken to become strong and united. The entire community came together to witness this visual representation of India’s growth story, underlining the importance of preserving and celebrating the nation’s achievements.

These events together highlighted the institution’s strong commitment to promoting feelings of national pride, unity, and awareness of history among the SIIB community. By participating in these activities, the entire community reaffirmed their dedication to upholding the values, history, and goals of the nation.


Key Takeaways:

The flag-hoisting ceremony and anthem singing showcased our commitment to celebrating our country’s identity.

– Priya Singh (AB 2023-25)

Engaging in the enlightening exhibition reflected our unity in understanding shared history and its lessons.

– Rastogi (IB 2023-25)

Watching the “Har Ghar Tiranga” video united the community in witnessing India’s growth story and valuing its achievements.

– Sanya Pareek (E&E 2023-25)

Anusmriti 2023
Anusmriti 2023
Anusmriti 2023
Anusmriti 2023