Ignisense 2024 – The Annual Cultural, Management and Sports Fest of SIIB

SIC Grounds | 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2024

No of students: 5000+

The annual flagship cultural, management, and sports fest, Ignisense’24, unfolded on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of February 2024. Meticulously organized by the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), the chosen theme for this year, “Aurora: The Cosmic Ascendance,” not only provided a captivating backdrop for the celebration but also served as a unifying element, drawing talented students from across the country to showcase their diverse skills.

3rd February 2024:

On the inaugural day, the event commenced with a ceremonial inauguration featuring Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB and Dr. Prakash Rao, Dy. Director, SIIB. The lighting of lamps marked the official beginning, followed by Director’s welcome address, setting the tone for the festivities. The day featured diverse management events and a B-plan competition, including “Thousand Faces,” “Prastaav,” “Synergy,” and “The Capitalist,” attracting participants from India’s top B-schools and fostering a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration.
The judges for the management events were as follows: Thousand Faces was judged by Mr. Mukul Diwakar, Sales and Development Head at RIL; Ms. Preeti Gaglani Saraf, Co-founder and CEO of Co Well in Q; and Dr. Suchita Jha, HOD- Marketing and mentor of Entrepreneurship Cell, SIIB. The Capitalist event was overseen by Mr. Mayur Deshmukh, CEO of Wheaton Advisors, and Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, CEO of Daurcom. Prastaav event’s judges included Mr. Raghav Rajput, Director and HR for BHM Agri Mart, and Dr. Nisha Bharti, HOD- AgriBusiness, SIIB. Lastly, the Synergy event was judged by Mr. Prashant Singh, VP- Head of Supply Chain for Ecozen, and Prof. Dipen Paul, Faculty of Energy and Environment, SIIB.
In the evening, students enjoyed a glamorous fashion show featuring participants from various colleges, followed by a memorable musical performance by the rising star in the music industry, IQLIPSE NOVA, also known as Deepanshu Raj. The audience also rocked the dance floor at the DJ night by BAILAMOS, one of the associate sponsors. 

4th February 2024:

On the second day, iBeats, our in-house dance club, delivered exhilarating performances. Sunburn’s in-house DJ, MR JAMMER, electrified the stage, infusing the audience with boundless energy. His dynamic set transformed the atmosphere, uniting people from diverse backgrounds through the universal language of music. Divya Kumar, the Bollywood sensation, stole the show with his mesmerizing vocals and infectious energy. As the main headliner, he enthralled the crowd, leaving an unforgettable impression with his chart-toppers and soulful melodies. His performance ignited a sense of unity and celebration, showcasing the timeless allure of his music.

5th February 2024:

On the third day of Ignisense 2024, Team Ignisense organized engaging events like the Toodle Doodle competition, Dance Face-off, and other interactive activities at Igni Circle. Participants embraced creativity and camaraderie, showcasing their talents amidst lively moments. Throughout the day, the attendees enthusiastically participated in the festivities, with laughter and excitement filling the air. Prizes and tokens were distributed, adding to the jubilant atmosphere. As evening approached, a sense of togetherness and joy prevailed, bringing people closer with smiles and happiness. It was a celebration and camaraderie as attendees revealed in the shared experiences and memories created throughout the event.

With Ignisense 2024 coming to a close, the entire batch celebrated a successful and memorable event. The official sign-off marked the end of days filled with excitement, learning, and connections, leaving participants fulfilled and eager for future memories.


“Ignisense was an absolute blast, blending intellect with pure joy! We dove into the strategic challenges of the management events during the day, then danced the night away to the incredible tunes of Iqlipse Nova and the infectious beats of the DJs. And let’s not forget the food stalls – a feast for the senses! Day two was just as amazing, with Divya Kumar serenading us and DJ Sunburn keeping the energy high, all surrounded by a sea of friendly faces and good vibes. Ignisense truly brought our college together in the best way possible!”

–Kashish Megotia; JJ Hospital, Mumbai

“Ignisense was a whirlwind of fun and connection! We tackled the brain teasers of the management events by day, then grooved to the soulful melodies of Iqlipse Nova and the upbeat mixes of the DJs as the sun set. The food stalls were a highlight, offering a delicious array of treats for every taste. Day two was all about the music, with Divya Kumar’s amazing performance and DJ Sunburn’s electrifying set, all enjoyed in the company of fellow students who made the whole experience feel like one big family reunion. Ignisense left us with memories to cherish forever!”

– Neha Hiranandani; Ilink Digital

“Ignisense was an incredible journey of discovery and celebration! We put our heads together for the management events during the day, then let loose and danced under the stars to the fantastic sounds of Iqlipse Nova and the DJs. The food stalls were a delightful surprise, offering everything from comfort food to exotic flavors. Day two was pure magic, with Divya Kumar’s soulful voice filling the air and DJ Sunburn’s beats keeping us moving. Surrounded by friends old and new, Ignisense created a sense of unity and belonging that made it an event to remember.”