77th Independence Day Celebration

SIC | 15th August | Time- 8:30-10:30 AM | 

Participants – 500+

Attendees: Batch 2022-2024, 2023-2025, Faculty, staff

On August 15th, 2023, SIIB conducted an event where the students of SIIB, SCMHRD, and SCIT came together in to celebrate the 77th Independence Day with great zeal. The event was conducted in alignment with the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative which resonated with the spirit of freedom and togetherness. The celebration began with the dignified unfurling of the national flag, accompanied by a moving rendition of the national anthem. Dr Asmita Chitnis, Director of SIIB, and Lt. Col. Prakash Kadam, Campus Administrator, delivered motivational and thought-provoking speeches while highlighting the significance of India’s democracy and the importance of tax compliance. A special moment of recognition was also dedicated to the hardworking staff of the campus who play a pivotal role in the institutes’ operations. Felicitations were extended to acknowledge their tireless efforts and commitment.

Moving forward, the celebrations were elevated by vibrant cultural performances by the cultural committees iBeats (The Official Dance Club of SIIB) and The Richman & Co.(The Official Band of SIIB). The performances beautifully captured the essence of freedom, unity, and diversity.

The event concluded on a cheering note as the Directors of SIIB, SCMHRD, and SCIT distributed sweets to children, symbolizing the shared joy of the occasion. The event left a lasting impression of patriotism and pride, echoing the belief that the future of the nation is indeed in safe hands.


Key Takeaways:

Dr. Asmita Chitnis and Lt. Col. Prakash Kadam’s speeches were insightful, emphasizing our roles in India’s growth and unity.

– Vedansh Tora (MBA-IB 2023-25)


The cultural performances showcased our institutes’ diverse talents and cultural richness.

– Meghana Thota(MBA-AB 2023-25)


Recognizing the hardworking staff made us feel connected and grateful for their dedication.

– Sarthak Belekar(MBA- E&E 2023-25)


Anusmriti 2023
Anusmriti 2023

Anusmriti 2023
Anusmriti 2023