Induction Ceremony 2022

SIIB – Induction Programme (Batch 2022-24 :  MBA-IB, MBA-AB, and MBA-EE ]

SIIB Auditorium | June 6, 2022 | 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM | Participants – 245+

The Induction Programme 2022-24 kicked off with an uplifting aura, as it was the first offline gathering and interaction among the esteemed guests, faculty, and students at the campus post-COVID after a long while.  Mixed responses were observed among students with few seemingly curious, anxious and serious their forthcoming journey they are about to embark on at SIIB for the upcoming two years while most were quite energetic and joyful.

The event started with welcoming of the Chief Guest – Mr. Shaurya Doval, and the Guest of Honor – Mr. Susheel Kumar with a token of appreciation along with the Pro Chancellor  (SIU) – Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, and Vice Chancellor (SIU) – Dr. Rajani Gupte.  The air was filled with loud applause at the ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ by the esteemed guests.  Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director (SIIB) energized the audience with her valuable words highlighting various opportunities and challenges for the batch, pinpointing with deep focus on the art of unlearning and re-learning.  Dr. Rajani Gupte (Vice-Chancellor of SIU) reminisced about her early days and experiences with the institute, humbly sharing her wisdom with the batch. This was followed by Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar (Pro Chancellor of SIU) emphasizing the importance of time and task management, all at short notices, while also producing the best outcomes out of available time such that we do not forget ourselves at the end of the day.

Mr. Susheel Kumar, Managing Director – Syngenta India Pvt. Ltd, who is also an esteemed Alumnus of SIIB (Batch-2006, MBA-AB) commenced on a nostalgic note with memoirs of his own experiences at the induction way back in year 2004. Focus of his speech was on differentiating factors that affect holistic development, which included Yoga, Health & Wellness, regular exercises, alongside academic knowledge.  His thoughts were clearly classified into two broad categories such as (a) Corporate, and (b) Tips for the next two years at SIIB.  For Corporate, he focused upon the need to hone relevant skills, knowledge, competence, and management around people. As tips for students, he initiated the idea of ‘Think Big, Dream Big, and Achieve Big’. He also suggested to remain open to new learnings and experiences while also receiving criticisms.

Mr. Shaurya Doval, Director – India Foundation and Torch Investment Management was quite delighted in sharing thirty years of his own illustrious corporate journey and recollected his own induction days.  As per his belief, ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same.’  Four critical aspects that Mr. Doval emphasized were (a) intellectual, social and emotional capital, (b) relevance of intention and capability, (c) will and courage, and finally (d) skills and perspectives which never change.  He also stressed upon the importance of learning and unlearning skills, in addition to developing a perspective that always remains relevant.  He concluded saying that money, cars and success become irrelevant after some point in life, but what stays is the contribution one has made to his/her organization, co-workers, and shareholders.

The event graciously concluded with a vote of thanks to all.

Key takeways:

    1. “The induction was very valuable in informing and giving an insight into the expectations of my course. It also made me feel much calmer approaching my first day and allowed me to be more familiar with where I had to be”.

– Bhavana Tapetla, MBA – Agri Business, Batch 2022-2024.


    1. “I thoroughly enjoyed the induction session and strategies for success! They were all super helpful, and I feel so much better! It’s great to get to know others in a similar situation to mine, meet some teachers, and become familiar with business concepts”.

– Sweta Priyadarshini, MBA – International Business, Batch 2022-2024.


    1. “The session was quite effective and productive, especially for Agribusiness students. The speaker explained in detail about appropriate career goals for students interested in the Agribusiness field.”

– Swapnil Sengupta, MBA – Agri Business, Batch 2022-2024


    1. “It was great to listen to such a prominent alumnus of SIIB.  It inspired most of us. What he said about character building was very helpful.”
  • – Barenya Sarangi, MBA – International Business, Batch 2022-2024