IACC Panel Discussion – 2022

SIIB Auditorium | December 2, 2022 | 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM |

Batch 2021-23, Batch 2022-24, Faculty and Staff | Participants – 400+

SIIB hosted a panel discussion on the theme of “Reshaping India’s Talent in the New World Order”, in collaboration with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and UST Technologies on December 2, 2022. The event had been graced by eminent faculties and employees working for UST Technologies. Before starting the event, an introductory video was shown by UST Technologies followed by another video that highlighted the upcoming trends and difficulties in developing new talents for industrial and corporate connections.

Moving forward, the event started with the felicitation of guests by Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB, and the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. The session was hosted by Ms. Natasha Rodricks who is serving as Senior Manager: Marketing and Communications at UST Technologies. She introduced the moderator of the session Mr. S. Ramprasad, President, UST Product Engineering, and the esteemed panellists, Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Dean, Faculty of Management, SIU, Pune, Dr. Prasad D. Khandekar Dean, Engineering & Technology, MIT-WPU, Pune, Mr. Alexander Pavlov, GM, Atlas Copco, Pune and Mr. Vijay Mhaskar, VP, Engineering and Pune Site Leader, Veritas Technologies LLC.

Mr. S. Ramprasad opened the house for discussion by outlining the significance of aspirations and capabilities. He further emphasized on making the most of all the cultural components, imparted over the years. Further to the discussion by Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman who accentuated not only the disconnect between industry and academics but also the failure of companies in finding and hiring the right talents. In addition, he stressed upon the possibility of an impending recession and the importance of fundamental knowledge in handling the upcoming challenges of the economy. Mr. Vijay Mhaskar continued the discussion by elaborating significant strengths of data in developing new abilities by quoting “Data is the Oil of the Century”. He also conferred upon the importance of people’s skills in the development of any industry. The panel also agreed with the viewpoint of Mr. Alexander Pavlov, who underlined the differences in cultures and lifestyles between India and Europe. Further, Dr. Prasad D. Khandekar redirected the discussion by deliberating on the necessity of guiding the students in the right way to respond to any given information. He further recommended to students that they should work on their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in order to understand and interpret real-life situations. This enriching and informative session concluded with a question-answer round in which all the panellist resolved the queries of the audience by giving their expert advice. In the end, Mr. Abhijit Shah, Chairman, of IACC, gave a vote of thanks to each of the panellists for their valuable time and input, along with the faculties, staff, and students, presented in the audience.


Key takeaways:

“The panel discussion revolved around the connection between industry and academia and how we, as students, can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to meet the challenges ahead. The session was a tremendous learning opportunity.”

– Aashi Haldiya, MBA-IB (22-24)

“The workshop illuminated and aided our understanding of the necessity of emphasizing our skill set, identifying the areas we are strong in, and developing those skills to succeed in the corporate world.”

– Kshitij Gour, MBA-AB (22-24)

“The session was very enriching, listening to all the dignitaries discussing the changes to be made in the education system of India to complete the world.”

 – Rahul Yadav, MBA-E&E (22-24)

Few glimpses of the panel discussion.
Few glimpses of the panel discussion
Few glimpses of the panel discussion