Orientation Programme for Batch 2023-25

SIIB Auditorium

Date of Event: 9th and 10th June 2023

Batch: 2023-25

Number of Faculty and Staff: 250+

The orientation programme for the batch 2023–2025 began on 6th June 2023. Various distinguished guests and respected alumni were invited to participate in the 15-day programme to impart their expertise and experiences to the new batch of students. The students had the opportunity to develop associations with other students, instructors, and business professionals with the help of a series of lectures, workshops, and group activities.

The key speakers for the different programs were as follows:

June 6th:

Ms. Renuka Mukadam, POSH and DEI Consultant and Trainer

Ms Mansi Negi, Lead – Client Engagement, MH Connect

Mr Divyam Sanghvi, Fixed Income Specialist in the Financial Products Analytics Group within Bloomberg

Mr Yogesh D. Brahmankar, CEO of Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SCEI)

June 7th:

Ms Sujata Kolekar, MD, Accenture, Japan

Mr Ajay Prakash Mishra, Founder and Coach, APM Communication Skills Consultant

Ms. Ameesha Shanker, Digital Product Specialist, Cengage, India

Mr Onkar Dudhane, Assistant Area Manager, Cengage, India

June 13th:

Mr Jivesh Govil, Sr. Director, Center for Operations Excellence, Veritas Technologies, Pune

Mr Srinivas Medicherla, Director, Center for Operations Excellence, Veritas Technologies, Pune

June 14th:

Ms Pooja Sinha, Heartfulness Trainer, Campus Coordinator, Maharashtra & Goa

Mr Siddharth Nagar, Customer Success Manager, Coursera

June 17th:

Mr Amit Aggarwal, Founder of Webshorts Casting and Corporate Trainer

Ms Renuka Mukadam, a renowned POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Consultant and Trainer, began the programme with a comprehensive explanation of POSH. She discussed the different forms of sexual harassment and emphasized the importance of consent from all parties involved. Additionally, she addressed various forms of biases which should be strongly discouraged in any setting.

Later, the students were introduced to the MH Connect platform through an online session conducted by Ms Mansi Negi and CA Madhura Ranade. Ms Negi highlighted the platform’s numerous benefits, while CA Madhura Ranade guided the Financial and Accounting course. MH Connect offers a range of features including smart view assignments, task tracking, e-books, interactive quizzes, and automatic grading. Its seamless learning environment enables student-instructor interaction to be effective.

Mr Divyam Sanghvi delivered a session on the Bloomberg terminal, a widely used financial data platform. He covered various aspects, including navigating Bloomberg, accessing real-time data, utilizing analysis tools, portfolio management, and the BMC certification course. Symbiosis University provides complete access to Bloomberg which enables students to gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and staying updated with global news.

Mr Yogesh D. Brahmankar, the CEO of Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SCEI), enlightened students on the entrepreneurial mindset and the vital role of entrepreneurs in society. He emphasized how SCEI provide extended support to students for bridging the gap between ideas and execution. This session instilled an entrepreneurial spirit among the students and inspired them to pursue innovative ideas.

Ms Sujata Kolekar conducted a session to discuss the importance of the Japanese language and the growing employment opportunities in Japan. She provided insights into various aspects of life in Japan, including multicultural cuisine and work culture. The session emphasized the career growth and abundant opportunities associated with learning Japanese as a language. She also addressed the issue of the declining birth rate in Japan and its impact on the job market.

Mr Ajay Prakash Mishra, a SIIB alumnus, shared his career journey and valuable lessons learned during and after graduating from the institute. He emphasised the importance of skill sets such as decision-making, priority setting, time management, grabbing opportunities, and a clear vision of life for career growth.

Ms Ameesha Shanker and Mr Onkar Dudhane conducted an online session on the Cengage E-learning platform. Ms Shanker highlighted the relevance and importance of this platform for making MBA a successful journey. She provided insights into the platform’s structure, and registration process, and covered the Web-assign and Mindtap platforms along with their respective tools and features. A comprehensive understanding of the Cengage E-learning platform was found to be crucial for students’ academic success.

Mr Jivesh Govil conducted a session to discuss the company’s expertise in data management and protection solutions. He provided an overview of Veritas and discussed its need in the times of subscription-based models. He also emphasized the significance of recurring payments and customer support. Mr Srinivas Medicherla emphasized the significance of effective marketing strategies in the industry.

Ms Pooja Sinha conducted a session on the key benefits of regular meditation in today’s fast-paced world. She demonstrated the meditation process and emphasized the importance of correct body posture. Ms Sinha recommended that students dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to meditation in order to maintain healthy minds and bodies which will result in overall well-being.

Mr Siddharth Nagar, Customer Success Manager at Coursera, delivered a session for SIIB students. He discussed Coursera’s offerings, including financial aid options and courses from renowned universities. Mr Nagar emphasized the importance of staying relevant in the industry and focusing on acquiring new skills. He highlighted the wide range of projects, courses, specializations, and certifications available on the platform, and also mentioned the use of virtual reality (VR) for language learning. The session concluded with a Q&A session.

Mr Amit Aggarwal, n alumnus of SIIB and Founder of Webshorts Casting, conducted a session on the Johari Window model. Using the example of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the renowned cricketer, Mr Aggarwal explained the four quadrants of the model, which help in mapping personality awareness. He encouraged students to take an online personality test and share the results with their respective groups to gather input from their friends. This session provided valuable insights into individual personality traits and accentuated the importance of self-introspection with inputs from others. The Johari Window model serves as a useful tool for understanding and analysing different traits of a personality.

The orientation programme was concluded with enlightening and enriching experience for all the students of batch 2023-2025. Different sessions delivered by distinguished speakers, industry experts, and esteemed alumni imparted valuable knowledge and skills to the students to make them future-ready.

7. Key learnings/takeaways:

“The session provided students with the opportunity to interact with distinguished guest speakers, industry professionals, and esteemed alumni. These interactions allowed students to network, gain insights from real-world experiences, and build valuable connections. Learning from experts in various fields broadens students’ perspectives and equips them with practical knowledge and advice.”

– Varad Keni (MBA IB), Batch 2023-25

“The induction session encouraged students to focus on personal growth and self-reflection. Through sessions on topics like meditation and the Johari Window model, students learned the importance of self-introspection, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and seeking feedback from others. This emphasis on personal growth enables students to develop self-awareness, enhance their interpersonal skills, and continuously improve themselves.”

– Gopika Jayraj (MBA AB), Batch 2023-25

“The induction session emphasized the value of an entrepreneurial mind set and the role of entrepreneurship in society. Students gained insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the support available through organizations like SCEI. This exposure encourages students to think creatively, identify opportunities, and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set that can drive innovation and create value in their future endeavours.”

– Rucha Trivedi (MBA EnE), Batch 2023-25

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