Stepping Out Day Programme at SIIB – Batch 2020-22

SIIB – Stepping Out Day Programme (Batch 2020-22)

Attendees: Batch 2020-22, 2021-23, Faculty and Staff

SIIB Auditorium | April 8, 2022 | 03:30 PM – 04:45 PM | Participants – 200+

The Stepping Out Day ceremony started with a nostalgic feeling amongst the students, faculty and staff to bid farewell to the batch of 2020- 2022. The event commenced with our faculty members sharing enlightening thoughts to the outgoing students as they would step into their future corporate lives. 

Dr. Viraja Bhat, Associate Professor, recalled numerous hardships encountered by the students, the faculty and the staff during the pandemic situation, in the process of transitioning to online teaching-learning settings and how all came out strong in embracing it.  She concluded by congratulating the entire batch on their journey ahead.

Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Professor & HOD – Human Resources, shared insightful thoughts and advice regarding career development in the corporate sector.  He also asked students to ensure they respect people regardless of their differences and diversity. 

Dr. Madhura Ranade, Assistant Professor, humorously shared a simple but intriguing accounting advise on life by imploring students to focus upon depreciating bad things in life, and appreciating fruitful things, such as ensuring a work-life balance. 

Dr. Neha Patvardhan, Assistant Professor, requested students to believe in long-term gains rather than short term and at times may need to take calculated risks in one’s lives.

Dr. Jeevan Nagarkar, Assistant Professor & HOD – Finance Department, addressed the students as the ‘Special batch of 2022’. He advised about maintaining financial stability and make it a habit to invest at least 30 per cent of their income while also spending wisely.

Dr. Sandip Solanki, Associate Professor & HOD – International Business, asked students to ponder about their expectations from corporate life.  He advised students to never stop learning, be always open to change and maintain good work-life balance.

Dr. Nisha Bharti, Assistant Professor & HOD – Agri Business Management, focussed upon multiple hardships faced by the teachers and students while adapting to the online learning systems during pandemic times. 

Dr. Suchita Jha, Assistant Professor – Marketing, emphasising upon USP of this online batch, that the pandemic situation tested all on their flexibilities and perseverance.  She concluded that ‘all is well that ends well’ and quoted, ‘keep learning, then unlearn and relearn’.

Mr. Ramanathan T, Marketing Director, Infor (India), the Chief Guest for the event, emphasized about the importance of ‘experience’ in one’s life.  Sharing his own learnings from his extensive career, he shared that ‘perspective change from classroom to corporate is profound’, and one should stay alert. One must keep in touch with their colleagues even after they start working somewhere else. He suggested switching functions often and gaining cross-functional exposure is advantageous.  It is important to work on oneself alongside financial planning and contributions to social causes. He concluded that preserving one’s heritage and obtaining generational knowledge critically important in order to live a life free from resentments.

Ms. Gagan Sodhi, Associate Director- Accenture, recollected nostalgic memories from her own Stepping Out Day, mentioning a flood of emotions. 

Sharing her own experiences, she highlighted that careers would have its own lows and highs, but the most important part is how we react to them. She noted that passion in the workplace and a fighting spirit to make a difference in both personal and professional life is crucial. Talking about the importance of friends and building relationships, she shared few memories of her college days and how they still hold a special place in the heart.  Sharing a mantra – ‘Be invested’, she explained that irrespective of what one chooses to pursue, one should be fully invested in it.  She advised students to make a determined decision and stick with it.  She concluded her talk by congratulating the outgoing batch and wishing them success in their future endeavours.

Next, the student achievement awards for exceptional performances in their respective courses and specialisations were announced.  Further, the senior batch student representative ceremoniously handed over the responsibilities of various student committees to the junior representative for the batch to carry forward the legacy. 

Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director-SIIB, addressed the departing batch expressing heartfelt thoughts about completely unique experiences and challenges for the batch during the pandemic period with their mode of studies being mostly online and also thanked everyone for making it a huge success. 

Dr. Prakash Rao, Deputy Director – SIIB, concluded the ceremony with a hearty vote of thanks. 

The session ended with the screening of a video on the life and experiences of Batch 2020-2022.