The Biz-Knight REPORT

Event Name: The Biz-Knight
Event Date: 2 nd Sept, 2021
Event Venue: Virtual event on MS Teams platform
Event Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Attendance: 150+
Sponsor: UniText
Event Agenda:
1. Introductory event of E-Cell 2021
2. Launch our annual magazine “Anthahprerna 5.0”
3. To pitch our sponsor as a knowledge partner of E-cell SIIB
4. To play business and entrepreneurial games named “The Biz-Knight” with the students. The game added knowledge about various entrepreneurs, brands, companies, startups, etc.
5. The games included Biz-Guess, Where is the lie and Jumble-Bumble.

Event Description:
The event started with a motivating speech of Prof. Suchita Jha (HOD Marketing & Head of E-cell SIIB) on entrepreneurship, emphasizing on the importance of possessing entrepreneurial mindset and skills to experience a successful career. Following the speech our annual magazine on entrepreneurship named “Anthahprerna 5.0” was unveiled by Suchita ma’am. Then a brief description of our title sponsor UniText was presented and our sponsor was pitched as a knowledge partner of E-cell SIIB. Thereafter, we started The Biz-Knight game, which lasted for around 45 minutes. The game was about entrepreneur names, brand names, and interesting facts about various businesses and startups. The students had to press the buzzer upon seeing the question on the screen, and then the student who pressed the buzzer first was given a chance to answer the question. Post this, top 5 winners were declared, and we ended the event on a high note emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship. Our Sponsor and knowledge partner UniText also offered cash prizes and vouchers to the winners of the game.

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