Guest lecture on Insurance & Risk Management – A Trade Credit Insurance Perspective.

Online | 23rd September 2023 | 4:30-6:30 pm

MBA – IB, AB, E&E | Batch – 2022-24 & 2023-25 | Participants – 430+

Panellist’s Name and Designation: Mr. Atul Jindaani, Senior Vice President, Marsh

On September 23, 2023, Mr. Atul Jindaani, the Senior Vice President of Marsh, conducted a guest lecture for students of Batches 2022-24 and 2023-25 on “Insurance & Risk Management – A Trade Credit Insurance Perspective.” Mr. Atul commenced the session by addressing the students, aiming to dispel common myths in the insurance industry and provide valuable insights into insurance and risk management, with a specific focus on Marsh McLennan (MMC).

He then shed light on the critical role played by Marsh McLennan (MMC) in the intricate landscape of risk management, strategy, and people management. Students were introduced to the staggering figures that shape the global insurance industry and its impact within India. The session underscored the significance of this sector in contributing to India’s GDP, both in life and non-life insurance.

The session also explored risk management within the insurance industry, highlighting the core principles of assessing and managing risks. Students learned about the extensive range of insurance coverage and services available beyond traditional life insurance, broadening their understanding of the industry’s scope.

Additionally, he shared effective risk management strategies, emphasizing the importance of avoidance, reduction, sharing, retention, collaboration, and fostering a cybersecurity culture. Students gained insight into the true nature of insurance as a powerful tool for mitigating risk and protecting against unforeseen losses.

Moreover, the session delved into the impact of global events, notably the COVID-19 pandemic, on the insurance industry. This crisis influenced insolvency rates globally and affected renowned companies. The discussion concluded by addressing the top concerns facing businesses worldwide, underscoring the dynamic nature of risk in today’s interconnected world.

In conclusion, the session provided a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry beyond its conventional boundaries. Marsh McLennan’s pivotal role in risk management was emphasized, and the significance of comprehending global economic trends for effective risk mitigation and business success was underscored. The session gave the students valuable insights into this complex yet vital industry.

Key takeaways:

 The session was engaging and informative. We learned many things that take place in the corporate world and how we can shape ourselves according to the requirements of the changing world.   

                                                                                                                                 -Khushi Rani (MBA – IB 2023-25)

We left the session with an appreciation for the value placed on innovation, process improvements, and market insights that drive business growth in the insurance sector.

                                                                                                                            – Parv Pandya (MBA – AB 2022-24)

We gained a profound understanding that the insurance sector goes far beyond the confines of life insurance. Learning about coverage options like third-party liability, professional indemnity, directors & officers liability, and more showcased the industry’s diverse offerings.

                                                                                                                         – Sanya Pareek (MBA – E&E 2023-25)