Mr. Abhijeet Ranade, Partner and Head- Markets and People, Business Consulting, KPMG India

Date of Conduct: 4th July, 2021

Duration: 1 hr

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Mr. Abhijeet Ranade, Partner and Head- Markets and People, Business Consulting, KPMG India

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 225+


On 4th July 2021, the new batch of 2021-23 attended a session by guest Mr. Abhijeet Ranade on the topic “Challenges of corporate world”. While addressing the students, Mr. Ranade addressed the students about the challenges that business employees usually face in their corporate tenure. Mr. Ranade initiated the session by narrating his journey, right after his MBA to international visits to countries like Canada, which was full of hurdles and miseries. He also familiarized the students with the ethical aspects of the work culture of abroad.

Mr. Ranade spoke about his experience in KPMG, India and how he managed to tackle lots of challenges that he faced in his life. He made the students understand the fullness of their life and how they are going to think about it. Mr. Ranade also suggested the students should support each other to succeed in life and advised them to practice persistency over rush for a fruitful career.

The session concluded with an interactive Q & A session.


  1. “The session was very informative and gave practical insights about the corporate world. We came to know how important it is to stick to our ethics and that having strong opinions is very crucial to sustain in the corporate world”.
    -Shruti Bhosale, MBA Agri-Business (2021-23 batch).
  2. “It was insightful and the way he explained his life and his problems and how he overcame constant changes/problems was inspiring. “
    – Soumee Mandel, MBA Agri-Business (2021-23).

Overall Feedback of the batch: – The session was very interactive; the students were inquisitive and participated with full enthusiasm. It was very helpful to get a brief insight into how to handle challenges and critical situations in the corporate world.