Mr. Anoop Baokar, Head of Retail, Sonepar, India

Date of Conduct: 3rd July, 2021

Duration: 1 hr

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Mr. Anoop Baokar, Head of Retail, Sonepar, India

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 246+


On 3rd July 2021, the new batch of 2021 – 23 attended a Guest lecture by Mr. Anoop Baokar. Mr. Baokar gave the students a glimpse of the corporate world by sharing real-life experiences of how one can carry themselves forward in the Sales and Marketing domain.

Further, Mr. Baokar spoke about leadership, its importance, and how this term does not have a unique definition. He also gave key take-aways to the students which would help them moving forward one of which being – “It is not the product itself which is sold but it is you who is selling the product with conviction”

The session concluded with Mr. Baokar speaking about various industries and how they sustain themselves in the long run. 

The session ended with an interactive Q & A session.


  1. “The session was an insightful session and taught us how to prepare ourselves for upcoming challenges in the sales and marketing domain” – Suchismita Chanda, MBA International Business (2021-23).
  2. “The session gave a corporate level glimpse on how to deal in sales and marketing domain. Apart from emphasizing the importance of leadership values and work ethics, team spirit and agile foundations are also some of the core values that should be focussed upon.” – Himanshoo Rawal, MBA International Business (2021-23).

Overall Feedback:

Students got to know the practicalities of MBA Programme, the importance of self-grooming and connected it with how it would help them in every aspect of their life. The session was interactive throughout.