Mr. Astik Ranade, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

Date of Conduct: 5th July, 2021

Duration: 1 hr

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Mr. Astik Ranade, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 216+


On 4th July 2021, the new batch of 2021-23 attended a Guest lecture by Mr. Astik Ranade on the topic “How to market yourself- Maximising Influence to Win”. Mr. Ranade began with a story about his life where he mentioned the efforts one requires to market their brand consequently mentioning ways to resemble a brand uniquely and distinctively. He mentioned the different ideas and behaviour with which an individual approaches a business situation to drive decision making, guide choices, gain by all without the use of force. 

Mr. Ranade also gave insights regarding the different challenges that a client faces and how to tackle personal barriers that derails your ability to resolve the situation. He mentioned the importance of social media and how technology plays an important role in the new age economy and how they are replacing human interaction norms, undermining organization’s ability to win clients thus building a narration with history, facts, opinions, and philosophies with the purpose of pursuing the audience at a logical and motivational level. 

Mr. Ranade concluded by telling the students how they can bring value to an organization by having technical knowledge and skills.


  1. “A really insightful session emphasizing upon the importance of self king and how important is effective communication comes with the current business world.”
    -Kshitij Kumar, MBA IB (2021-23)
  2. “An eyeopener in terms of how the small tweaks help in the workplace like trying to pick up communication signs and body language of someone who you are dealing with.”
    – Rashil Gugnani, MBA IB (2021-23)

Overall Feedback: The session was very invigorating and the students were too much inquisitive and participated with full enthusiasm. It was very helpful to get a brief insight how to maximising influence to win.