Guest Lecture on “Ingenious Ground Zero by Infosys”

SIIB Auditorium | July 11, 2023 | 8:30 AM–9:30 AM |

Batch : 2023-25 | Participants : 200+

Panelist’s Name and Designation :

  •   Mr. Divesh Parekh, Digital Supply Chain Principal Consultant at Infosys,

  •   Mr. Samrat Dutta, Senior Associate Lead-Talent Acquisition at Infosys.


Mr. Samrat Dutta, Senior Associate Lead-Talent Acquisition at Infosys, and Mr. Divyesh Parekh, Digital Supply Chain Principal Consultant at Infosys, delivered an insightful lecture on “Ingenious Ground Zero by Infosys” at SIIB on July 11, 2023 for Batch 2023-25. The session focused on the role of MBA professionals in technology-oriented organizations and the importance of customer-centric solutions.

Mr. Dutta commenced the lecture with his journey from Engineering to an MBA in HR to Sr. Associate Lead – Talent Acquisition at Infosys and his emotional connection with Pune City. Thereafter, he introduced Infosys as a leader in IT services and consulting for the last 40 years and highlighted its presence in 60+ countries. Furthermore, he stated that Infosys is a company of people who understands technology and not a technology company which understands its people. Additionally, he highlighted the total revenue of US$18.2 billion and the work culture at Infosys, including diversity in the workforce, with 40% women and employees from approximately 161+ nations. Mr. Dutta stated the expertise of Infosys in various technological fields, including Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and data analytics, using different examples. Thereafter, he emphasized the facilities provided to employees, like Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support different employee groups, different clubs to celebrate their passions, and various insurance programs. He concluded by emphasizing the certifications and recognitions received by Infosys.

Further to the discussion, Mr. Divesh Parekh explained the meaning of supply chain management as the right balance between supply and demand. He has also explained the job description of an Associate consultant, including information gathering, impact analysis, user acceptance and testing, going live, resolving issues and conducting system and statistics analysis. He empowered the students with different skills such as soft, behavioral, and technical skills and also guided them on how to start a career at Infosys. Additionally, he elaborated on the importance of curiosity and learning attitude followed by the 3 E’s: Experience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. Lastly, he explained the recruitment process and the roles available for students at Infosys. The students found the session enriching and informative. The session concluded with an Infy Quotient Quiz and a Q&A session.

Key Takeaways:

“The session provided valuable and informative insights into the recruitment process, the roles available, and their requirements at Infosys.”.

– Sejal Bohra, MBA-IB (23-25)

“The speaker effectively conveyed the importance of soft skills required in the role of consulting in addition to the technical and behavioural skills.”

– Priya Singh, MBA-AB (23-25)

“The session explained the importance of work culture and the ease of the learning process through a flexible work environment.”

– Sanya Pareek, MBA-EnE (23-25)