Guest Lecture Report – Mr. Folker MIttag – Secretariat, Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB)

Date of Conduct: 1st July, 2021

Duration: 1hr 15min 

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Folker MIttag – Secretariat, Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB), Mrs. Monica Mittag- Specialized in Translation and Interpretation.

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 245


On 1st July, 2021 the incoming batch of 2021-23 attended an insightful guest lecture by Mr. and Mrs. Mittag. While addressing the students, Mr. Folker Mittag talked about importance of trust in leadership and business ethics, from his rich experience in IT and Business Administration. Students understood why bi-lateral trust is important to build customer relationships.He shared his own experiences on how mutual trust is vital to the conduct of business.

Mr. Folker also explained about operating with a culture of trustworthiness in an organization and gave an example that how a small idea can make a big difference in the business world. 

Mrs. Monica Mittag then spoke about her journey as a translator and as an interpreter and that was very insightful. She also inspired students to be courageous in their professional career.

The session was followed by a Q&A session.


  1. “The session highlighted on how to build trust among your colleagues in organisation. It was really heart warming and full with empathy and experience” – Ujjwal Patil, MBA, International Business, Batch 2021-2023.
  2. “In the session, I understood that “trust” plays a vital role; be it in any relationship or business and also, how a small idea with trust and dedication can serve change into a business model” – Ashish Mishra, MBA, Agri Business, Batch 2021-2023.

Overall Feedback: The session was very interactive and students participated in the lecture enthusiastically. It helped them to understand the priceless value of bi-lateral trust in leadership and business ethics.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Folker MIttag at SIIB
Guest Lecture by Mr. Folker MIttag at SIIB