Guest Lecture on Skill Set required for Consulting Role

Online| July 16, 2022| 10:00 am – 11:00 pm |

Batch : 2021-23 | Participants : 200+

Panelist’s Name and Designation : Mr. Govil Aggarwal, Director, Michael Page


On 16th July 2022, the Batch of 2021-23 attended a session conducted by Mr. Govil Aggarwal, Director, Michael Page on the ‘Skill Sets required for Consulting Role.’ Mr. Govil Aggarwal initiated his presentation with a small introduction about himself and walked us through his journey, from SIIB Pune to Deloitte and, ultimately, Michael Page. He spoke about the various opportunities in the consulting sector. He focused on the criticality of learning, knowing one’s limitations, and having ambition and patience as parameters of success.

Mr. Aggarwal talked the attendees through the dos and don’ts of the corporate world. He emphasised learning and implementing the core consulting concepts through the initial years of one’s career and mentioned the industry’s expectations and reality. Mr. Aggarwal spoke of branding oneself by knowing one’s strengths, upskilling, learning from mistakes, collaborating, and embracing changes. Key traits required for a consulting role, including having a goal and learning from peers, were discussed.

The session was followed by an interactive Q&A session where the different questions were answered related to consulting.

Key Takeaways:

“As an alum, Mr. Govil Aggarwal very candidly shared his experience from SIIB to Michael Page. It was inspiring to hear him share insights into the consulting world.”

-Pranav Raja (MBA-IB)

“The live CV screening was insightful as we gained a lot of input on how to present our CVs in a better way.”

-Soumi Mondal (MBA-AB)