Guest Lecture on Driving Success in the Digital Realm

SIIB Auditorium | June 29, 2023 | 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM |

Batch : 2023-25 | Participants : 200+

Panelist’s Name and Designation : Mr Kisan Agrawal, Digital Strategy Lead, British Petroleum


Mr Kisan Agrawal, Digital Strategy Lead at British Petroleum (bp), conducted an insightful guest lecture on “Driving Success in the Digital Realm” on June 29, 2023. As an alumnus of the 2009-11 batch, Mr Agrawal shared his experiences and expertise gained while performing different roles in his career from SIIB to British Petroleum.

Mr Agrawal commenced the lecture by emphasizing bp’s commitment to become a net-zero company by 2050. He also mentioned the significant role of digital services in integrating energy solutions and aiding decarbonization efforts for corporations and cities. He outlined bp’s global business model, which consists of five verticals, each playing a unique role in the organization’s operations. These verticals involved oil & gas production assets, integration of natural gas assets with renewables, global energy solutions, upgrading existing services, and developing new products for a cleaner world.

Mr Agrawal also highlighted the digital transformation emerged as a key driver in bp’s operations. These technologies encompassed data analytics, AI, IoT, blockchain, digital twins, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Their integration optimizes energy production, distribution, and consumption which enhances safety measures, improves data storage and processing capabilities, and safeguards critical energy infrastructure. Moreover, Mr Agrawal detailed the utilization of digital platforms for HR processes such as talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, and staff planning. He also discussed the supply chain optimization achieved through demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics optimization. Mr Agrawal then shifted focus to bp’s aspirations in the Indian energy sector within the next decade. He mentioned the contributions of Sophia Nadur at bp Ventures, who has played a pivotal role in driving this transformation.

Mr Agrawal also emphasized how bp leverages digital technologies and data-driven approaches to enhance efficiency, agility, and decision-making across all verticals. This yields improved operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainability in bp’s business operations. He also highlighted the organizational structure of bp, utilizing a matrix hierarchy to enable optimal resource allocation and improved cross-functional collaboration. Further to the session, Mr. Agrawal mentioned about the partnership between bp and Reliance Industries Limited’s Jio which was aimed to create a comprehensive destination for fuel stations, electric mobility stations, and convenience stores. The synergy between bp’s knowledge and Reliance Industries Limited’s experience is expected to revolutionize the energy sector in India.

Mr Agrawal concluded the session by sharing the exciting news that L&K Saatchi & Saatchi has won the digital marketing mandate for Jio-bp, encouraging the audience to explore the website and witness the forthcoming developments in the energy sector. Students of MBA found the session by Mr Kisan Agrawal very informative and inspiring.

Key Takeaways:

“The session provided valuable and informative insights into bp’s digital strategies and transformation initiatives in the energy sector.”

-Tanvi Raahi, MBA-IB (23-25)

“The speaker effectively conveyed the importance of digital technologies in optimizing energy operations and driving sustainability, showcasing the potential for improved efficiency and decision-making.”

-Priya Singh, MBA-AB (23-25)

“The session highlighted the strategic partnerships and investments made by bp Ventures, demonstrating their commitment to revolutionizing the energy sector and addressing emerging challenges.”

-Sanya Pareek, MBA-EnE (23-25)