Mr. Sandeep Nulkar, Founder and CEO, BITS and Vernac Language Technologies

Date of Conduct: 7th July, 2021

Duration: 1 Hour

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Mr. Sandeep Nulkar, Founder and CEO, BITS and Vernac Language Technologies

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 221+


On 7th July 2021, the new batch of 2021-23 attended a Guest lecture by Mr. Sandeep NulkarThe topic for the session was ‘The Role of Language and Intercultural Communication in the Modern Era’. 

Mr. Nulkar started the session by speaking in Marathi and then Kannada to make students realize the importance of speaking multiple languages. He then explained how languages help us to connect with people and know about different cultures as well. Mr. Nulkar then shared his personal experiences about how knowing different languages helped him in communicating during his foreign trips. He also gave us some points for enhancing our learning of new language skills. The points discussed in the session were reading about the particular culture, choosing the language according to the interest and starting to speak in that language. 

The session concluded with an interactive Q & A session and solved many of the student’s dilemmas on which languages to choose to learn.


  1. Very enlightening session. It taught us one should not have a language barrier and should be able to speak at least one Indian language with proficiency to able to make one’s work done” – Ankit Aich, International Business Management (2021- 2023)
  2. “Very insightful session emphasizing the importance of language and culture of various countries. It focussed on the importance of language and one can use different languages skilfully” – Himanshoo Rawal, International Business Management (2021- 2023)

Overall feedback: The session was very informative and students learnt about, how learning different languages help will help them in connecting with people easily. It was an engaging session throughout.