Guest Lecture on CV Building & LinkedIn Profiling

SIIB Auditorium | July 23rd, 2022 | 11:15 PM – 1:15 PM |

Batch : 2021-23 | Participants : 200+

Panelist’s Name and Designation : Mr. Yatin Sonkusare; Delivery Manager, Yantra


On 23rd July 2022, the batch of 2021-23 attended a guest lecture conducted by Mr. Yatin Sonkusare, Delivery Manager at Yantra. The topic for the session was “CV Building and LinkedIn Profiling.”

Commencing his lecture, Mr. Yatin Sonkusare displayed a sample CV to the participants along with notable observations. He explained how to make the CV impactful. He explained how and why resumes and CVs were different. After presenting various CV formats for different sectors to the audience, Mr. Sonkusare delved into an in-depth exploration of resume and CV intricacies. He suggested ways of tailoring CVs for different job roles & profiles. Mr. Sonkusare mentioned how CVs are like a storefront, a form of marketing oneself to the corporate world. Initiating an exploration of resume elements, his attention shifted towards the skills section, where he differentiated between hard and soft skills.

For the LinkedIn profile, Mr. Sonkusare emphasised keywords used, classification of the profile, and use of professional photographs. He suggested using an impactful banner to inform the audience about oneself. Usage of a headline elaborating on the position and extracurricular activities is an attractive feature to be used on one’s LinkedIn profile. Mr. Sonkusare suggested matching one’s resume with the Linkedin profile and shared tips such as sending a personalised note for a connection request. Lastly, he explained the dos and don’ts for a LinkedIn profile.

The workshop ended with a live CV-building session where Mr. Yatin Sonkusare reviewed the students’ CVs from each specialisation and program. He shared the various pointers to improve students’ CVs to a more professional level.

Key Takeaways:

“The session was very informative as our CVs and LinkedIn profiles are key to attracting corporate attention”.

-Pranali Kamble (MBA-IB)

“The live CV screening was insightful as we gained a lot of input on how to present our CVs in a better way.”

-Gaurang Deshpande (MBA-EE)