Leadership Talk on the Role of Digital in Energy Transition

Auditorium | July 13, 2023 | 11:35 PM–12:45 PM |

Batch : 2022-24 | Participants : 250+

Panelist’s Name and Designation :

  •   Ms. Joanne Legge, VP, Digital Disciplines, British Petroleum (bp),
  •   Mr. Neelesh Mantri, Lead Product Manager, British Petroleum (bp).


On July 13th, 2023, Ms. Joanne Legge and Mr. Neelesh Mantri conducted a Leadership Talk on “Role of Digital in Energy Transition” for the Batch 2022–2024.

The session addressed the importance of energy transition and the influence of digital technology.

Ms. Joanne started the session by briefing her profile and how she has helped various women access energy, which changed people’s lives and enabled them to earn income. She further highlighted the importance of finding a purpose and continuous learning, while explaining the energy transition, micro-digital techniques and the crucial role of electricity for economic growth. She emphasized various opportunities to build new business models and utilize machine learning, robotics, blockchain, and AI to accelerate the energy transition. She also talked about the digital products loved by their customers and how they provide technological support to them. She concluded her address by highlighting the three principles: understanding your purpose, every situation is an opportunity for learning and embracing change in life.

Mr. Neelesh Mantri took the session forward and talked about energy, trends, and ways to think innovatively. He described the future of energy and how electrical energy is emerging as a one-way transition of energy in India. Mr. Mantri also motivated the students to work for the environment. He provided insights on how their company, British Petroleum, is helping their clients to reach Net Zero targets. He further emphasised on solar energy, global energy needs, biofuels, and input energy. He concluded the session by discussing the positive impact of climate, how digital can accelerate it, and what kind of analysis and technologies help them analyze and predict the data. The session ended with a video on BP technology and their upgraded product-led operating system, followed by an exciting Q&A round with students.

Key Takeaways:

“The Leadership Talk was an enriching experience as we learned about real-life scenarios and how energy can save lives. We got an insight into the current digital evolution in this sector and its business opportunities”.

– Samrudhi Pingle, MBA-IB (22-24)


“The session highlighted the significance of electricity in economic growth and how it calls for action to save the planet. It also talked about the various aspects of the energy transition, which was quite insightful..”

– Parv Pandya, MBA-AB (22-24)


“The session talked about how digitization is improving accessibility, thereby accelerating the energy transition. We learned new ways by which this energy transition can be worked upon and the vast scope of this field. The session was overall an enriching experience.”

– Tomas Tuhin Kashyap, MBA-E&E (22-24)