Guest Lecture on “Personal Branding for Success”

Webinar |July 1, 2023| 11:00 AM-1:00 PM |

Batch : 2022-24 | Participants : 200+

Panelist’s Name and Designation : Ms Namita Tiwari, Director and Global Head of Marketing, Wipro


On 1st July 2023, the students of Batch 2022-24 attended a guest lecture by Ms Namita Tiwari on the topic of “Personal Branding”. Ms Tiwari commenced the lecture by highlighting the significance of personal branding and providing valuable advice to help students develop a strong personal brand.

During the lecture, Ms Tiwari emphasized the importance of authenticity in personal branding. She encouraged students to embrace their true selves and express their unique qualities and values in order to differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape and create a lasting impression.

Ms Tiwari also emphasized consistency while engaging with their target audience, building relationships, and enhancing their visibility. Sharing knowledge and ideas was elucidated as means to gain credibility and recognition among peers and industry professionals.

Ms Tiwari stressed the significance of storytelling in personal branding and also encouraged the students to create engaging narratives that showcase their experiences, successes, and ideals. Ms Tiwari advised students to evaluate their personal brand regularly and make necessary modifications to align with their changing goals and aspirations. Ms Tiwari provided students with valuable insights and practical advice on establishing and nurturing a robust personal brand.

Ms Tiwari also emphasized the need for continuous assessment and adaptation of one’s personal brand. The session was concluded with an engaging question-and-answer round, allowing students to further clarify their doubts and gain additional knowledge.

The guest lecture proved to be highly informative and beneficial to make students able to understand the importance of personal branding. The interactive session inspired the students to embrace their authenticity to engage with their target audience while leveraging storytelling for effective communication.

Key Takeaways:

“The guest lecture by Ms Namita Tiwari provided students with insightful and practical advice on developing a strong personal brand. Students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of
Authenticity, consistency, and storytelling in personal branding.”

-Aashi Haldiya, MBA-IB, (Batch 2022-24)

“The session emphasized the need for continuous assessment and adaptation of one’s personal brand. Students learned the significance of regularly evaluating and updating their personal brand to align with their evolving goals and aspirations.”

-Prashant Maheshwari, MBA-AB, (Batch 2022-24)

“Overall, the session was highly informative and beneficial, equipping students with valuable strategies and knowledge to establish and nurture a robust personal brand. We were inspired to embrace our uniqueness, engage with the target audience, and effectively communicate our personal brand to achieve professional success.”

-Navdip Patel, MBA-E&E, (Batch 2022-24)