Ms. Tanya Sharma-Moore, Managing Director at Accenture, Canada

Date of Conduct: 3rd July, 2021

Duration: 1 hr

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Ms. Tanya Sharma-Moore, Managing Director at Accenture, Canada

Batch: Batch 2021-23

No of students present: 259+


On 3rd July 2021, the new batch of 2021-2023 attended a Guest lecture from Ms. Tanya Sharma-Moore on the topic ‘Future of work’. The session focussed on technological advancements and artificial intelligence in today’s world.

Ms. Tanya spoke about the impact of the pandemic on our jobs and how it has also led to a massive shift from manpower-driven work to robotics and automated intelligence. She also emphasized on how one can use “Future of work” to describe the best practices, methods, and trends in today’s technological world.

Further, she also spoke about how technological progress has not only led to a process of creative destruction but has also enabled the creation of new tools that are radically changing the way we work and interact with those around us.

The guest lecture ended with an interactive Q & A session.


  1. “It was an absolutely insightful session. We understood a lot about team work, leadership, ethics, sales strategies and integrity.” – Aashray Kakroo, MBA-IB Batch 2021-2023.
  2. “It was an informative session. The session helped in clearing many doubts regarding sales and marketing. Accenture being my dream company, I got a lot of insights about it and appreciate the leadership.” – Deepanshu Sharma, MBA, International Business, Batch 2021-2023.

Overall Feedback: The session was very informative and interactive. The speaker displayed amazing cross-functional and cross industry exposure.