Guest Lecture on Quantitative Finance

Online | February 24, 2024 | 02:00 PM – 04.00 PM

Batch 2023-25 (Finance) | Participants – 50+

Panellist: Mr. Vivek Khatri, Associate Director LTIMindtreeBottom of Form

On February 24th, 2024, Mr. Vivek Khatri engaged the students of Finance specialization in an insightful guest lecture on Quantitative Finance, exploring its core concepts rooted in statistical methodologies and mathematical models. The session provided a foundational understanding of risk management and financial modeling applications in the field.

Mr. Khatri delved into recent developments, shedding light on integrating alternative data sources and the growing impact of artificial intelligence. Students grasped the transformative nature of these advancements, which are reshaping traditional financial practices.

The advantages of Quantitative Finance were highlighted, emphasizing error reduction, efficiency enhancement, and the automation of trading processes. Simultaneously, Mr. Khatri addressed its inherent challenges, discussing market manipulation and ethical concerns about data sourcing. The session explored ethical dilemmas within Quantitative Finance, focusing on considerations like data sourcing and potential advantages for individuals with greater financial resources. The lecture fostered an awareness of the ethical responsibilities associated with quantitative approaches, encouraging thoughtful reflection.

In conclusion, Mr. Vivek Khatri’s lecture provided a comprehensive and insightful overview of Quantitative Finance. The session empowered students to navigate the evolving landscape of financial practices while instilling a sense of responsibility in the ethical considerations associated with quantitative approaches.