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Counted amongst the league of top MBA schools in India, SIIB’s flagship program is the MBA in International Business. The MBA-International Business is an intensive, two-year, residential, post-graduate degree program, specifically designed for a rewarding career in global business management. The MBA in International Business Management program is a unique blend of theories and practices that prepares students for domestic markets as well as business on a global platform.

The International Business courses such as Foreign languages, Trade Finance and Forex Risk Management, Foreign Trade Policy and Export Management, make this program truly unique and raise it to the level of becoming the best MBA in International Business in India.

Students, who enter the portals of the college, come from diverse academic backgrounds such as engineering, pharmacy, economics, mathematics, chartered accountancy, IT, commerce, and provide a vibrant tone to the program. The first semester of the MBA in International Business Management program serves as a churning crucible and creates the basis for understanding business management. All the students are brought together on a level playing field before specialisations begin in the second semester.

Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) offers an elective system wherein a student can opt for Major courses in any one functional area of specialisation (Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource).

The semester pattern followed by SIIB ensures that the subjects are covered in detail and every course that is taught is understood and assessed thoroughly. It allows the institute to offer the best MBA in International Business in India.