Dr. Ravi Sharma

Life Cycle Modeling for Environmental Management: A Review of Trends [...]

Dr. Ravi Sharma2023-09-26T05:24:28+05:30

Dr. Ravi Sharma

Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment of Sediments from A Stretch of the [...]

Dr. Ravi Sharma2023-09-26T05:24:22+05:30

Mr. Venkatesh Rangarajan Iyengar

Resolving multiple copies problem in unique-titles from biblio-records available through [...]

Mr. Venkatesh Rangarajan Iyengar2023-09-26T05:24:20+05:30

Dr. Dharmesh Krishna Mishra

Abusive supervision and knowledge hiding: the mediating role of psychological [...]

Dr. Dharmesh Krishna Mishra2023-09-26T05:13:53+05:30
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