Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya

Inclusive Leadership - New Age Leadership to foster Organizational Inclusion. [...]

Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya2023-09-25T12:47:24+05:30

Dr. Viraja Prasanna Bhat,

Media's Role in E-Waste Awareness -A Comparative study of E-waste [...]

Dr. Viraja Prasanna Bhat,2023-09-25T12:47:23+05:30

Dr. Neha Keyoor Patvardhan

Relative Value of Growth- A decision making tool (Indian Context). [...]

Dr. Neha Keyoor Patvardhan2023-09-25T12:47:22+05:30

Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya

Exploring Organizational Inclusion and Inclusive Leadership in Indian companies. European [...]

Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya2023-09-25T12:44:07+05:30

Dr. Madhura Ramchandra Ranade

Understanding its effectiveness in estimating returns in the Indian pharmaceutical [...]

Dr. Madhura Ramchandra Ranade2023-09-25T12:44:04+05:30

Neha Yadav

Past, Present, and Future of Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM). [...]

Neha Yadav2023-09-25T12:44:02+05:30

Dr. Sandip Prabhudas Solanki

Does pharmaceutical promotional tactics change the prescription habit of doctors? [...]

Dr. Sandip Prabhudas Solanki2023-09-25T12:39:36+05:30
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