Dr. Suchita Jha

Migrant millennials & their food adoption perspective - A grounded [...]

Dr. Suchita Jha2023-09-25T09:43:33+00:00

Dr. Vandana Mehta

Investigating the impact of usage factors on satisfaction and intention [...]

Dr. Vandana Mehta2023-09-25T09:43:31+00:00

Dr. Madhura Ranade

Dr. Neha Patvardhan, (11/2022) To Be or Not to Be [...]

Dr. Madhura Ranade2023-09-25T09:43:30+00:00

Dr. Madhura Ranade

Analyzing the Financial Statements of Companies listed on the National [...]

Dr. Madhura Ranade2023-09-25T09:43:29+00:00

Dr. Nisha Bharti

Mr. Sushant Malik, (1/2023) Covid-19, disrupted vegetable supply chain and [...]

Dr. Nisha Bharti2023-09-25T09:41:27+00:00

Mr. Dipen Paul

A Study on the Influence of RSPO and RTRS in [...]

Mr. Dipen Paul2023-09-25T09:41:24+00:00

Dr. Madhura Ranade

Biodiversity and Problems of Auditing Wildlife in General and Snakes [...]

Dr. Madhura Ranade2023-09-25T09:41:21+00:00

Mr. Sushant Malik

Mr. Sushant Malik, Dr. Nisha Bharti, Dr. Ravi Sharma, (12/2022) [...]

Mr. Sushant Malik2023-09-25T09:39:44+00:00

Dr. Ravi Sharma

Dr. Ravi Sharma, Dr. Nisha Bharti, Mr. Sushant Malik, (12/2022) [...]

Dr. Ravi Sharma2023-09-25T09:39:31+00:00

Dr. Nisha Bharti

Are RRBs efficient in providing Agriculture finance: A Critical analysis [...]

Dr. Nisha Bharti2023-09-25T09:39:14+00:00
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