Dr. Krishnamurthy Inumula

Investigating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on volatility patterns and [...]

Dr. Krishnamurthy Inumula2024-04-08T05:19:25+00:00

Dr. Sandip Solanki

Celebrity-Induced Yoga Tourism: The Case of Amritapuri Ashram, India. Tourism, [...]

Dr. Sandip Solanki2023-09-25T09:38:16+00:00

Mr. Dipen Paul

Analysis of Seasonal Variation in Surface Water Quality and Water [...]

Mr. Dipen Paul2023-09-25T09:38:19+00:00

Dr. Ravi Sharma

Dr. Prakash Rao, (6/2022) Coastal communities’ Impressions on Climate change [...]

Dr. Ravi Sharma2024-04-08T10:01:53+00:00

Dr. Asmita Chitnis

Reasons and intuitions: extending behavioural reasoning theory to determine green [...]

Dr. Asmita Chitnis2023-09-25T09:35:17+00:00

Mr. Dipen Paul

Exploratory Research to Understand the Industrial Behavior on Plastic Waste [...]

Mr. Dipen Paul2023-09-25T09:34:53+00:00

Mr. Dipen Paul

Understanding the factors driving the deployment of solar irrigation pump-sets [...]

Mr. Dipen Paul2023-09-25T06:38:11+00:00

Dr. Prakash Rao

A study on Environment-friendly Lifestyle and other major factors influencing [...]

Dr. Prakash Rao2023-09-25T06:38:07+00:00

Dr. Dharmesh Mishra

The impact of executive isolation of CEO on CXOs attrition: [...]

Dr. Dharmesh Mishra2023-09-25T09:33:32+00:00
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